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What’s it like working together?

Design goes far deeper than just a logo. 

This surprises some people, especially when it’s their first time working with a freelance designer. And that’s totally understandable.

Beautiful design isn’t just something pretty – it’s a process of discovery, and your participation is important. Critical even.

That’s because this is your story. My role is to help draw it out, to refine it and then express it visually. The final product isn’t just something I’ve made – it’s an experience we crafted together.

So here is an idea of what this all looks like, from start to finish:

  1. Making sure we’re a good fit
  2. Design involves a lot of communication. We’ll be meeting several times from now until delivery, and I want you to enjoy our meetings.

    So once you fill out your intake form, let’s chat and see if this is going to be fun. If we enjoy working together, we’ll get some great results.

    Here, we’ll also make sure my skills and services are the best match for what your business needs. We’ll identify these needs and then set a realistic timeline to achieve them.

  3. Drafting the proposal
  4. Now we move to the custom proposal.

    This document includes everything we’ve discussed so that our expectations are set and on paper. It includes:
    • An overview of the project
    • Clear breakdown of deliverables and pricing
    • Established timeline
    • Amount of revisions
    • Contract terms

    We can revise before signing – we just need to make sure scope and goals are completely accurate so we have a clear understanding of what to expect from each other. The more defined this is, the smoother the process will be.

  5. The work begins
  6. Now we get to the fun part: the work!

    A whole bunch of stuff is happening here, mostly on my end, but I may ask for a few things from you—copy, photos, logo assets and such (“collateral” is what we call it).

    There are also a few tools I use to share ideas and stay organized, like Pinterest and Trello. They’re very user-friendly, and I’ll get you up to speed if you aren’t familiar with them.

    My job is to make this as simple as possible. You can expect status updates from me and prompt replies to any questions you may have. 

  7. Completion and deliverables
  8. Deliverables are the actual items that were agreed upon to be turned over. You’ll receive these as e-mailed PDFs.

    If you don’t love them, we aren’t done. That means we’ll meet again, discuss what’s missing and then get back to work (keeping within guidelines, of course).

    The ideal? A visual experience that fulfills every goal we set out to achieve.

  9. Celebration and support
  10. Let’s celebrate by showing our work to the world! We can promote on social media, share with friends…however we’d like.

    It’s really important that I support you through the final phase of your project. I’ll never just give you something and disappear. I’m here as a resource for you: any future questions you may have—implementing an ad, screen printing T-shirts, uploading logos to social media—you can always shoot me an e-mail or a text.

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