The Challenge

SPEEC, the Sex Positive Education & Event Center of Portland, came to me right after they received their 501c3 non-profit status. They needed help raising awareness for sex positivity in a professional way.

The Solution

I worked alongside the founding board members of SPEEC to create sleek branding, a case statement brochure for fundraising, and social media graphic support. They also threw a launch party, for which I helped to create marketing materials.

Ethan has been a delight to work with. He’s been with us for several years, helping with our early branding and logo design and he’s made everything from our case statement to our social media graphics, launch party marketing, buttons, t-shirts, stickers, and more. He helped wrangle an indecisive board by providing several options for us to choose from and was always willing to provide edits or new color options when needed. Ethan’s designs are so eye catching that it’s easy for us to stand out at events with our banners and marketing materials. As a sexuality organization, it can be tricky to present a professional and social media friendly image, and Ethan has expertly helped us walk that line. 

Stella Harris

Co-Chair & Board Member, SPEEC

Non-Profit Branding

Print Design

Digital Advertising


Unique non-profit = unique branding

Social Media Support

SPEEC needed support to launch their social media accounts and a fundraising campagin. This included branding as well as ongoing graphic support for ads and events.

Party Time!


SPEEC held a launch party with outstanding success. They exceeding their goals for attendance and fundraising! I created marketig materials for the event including flyers, banners, posters, stickers, tshirts, member cards, social media ads, and auction graphics.

Fundraising Goals


In order to attract larger donations,  I worked with SPEEC to create a printed case statement. This 8 page  brochure outlined the non-profit’s mission, fundraising goals, board members, and the case for why their goals are needed in Portland with community engagement.

Supporting Graphics

I continue to work with SPEEC as needed creating social media graphics, t-shir designs, and event graphics.

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