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What’s it like working together?

1. Making sure we’re a good fit

After you have filled out my intake form, I will get back to you within 72 hours to set up a time chat about your project. We will discuss your project in depth, deadlines, and figure out what we both need to move forward.

It is important that your project and my skills are a match, and also that our personalities work well together.

Hiring a freelancer shouldn’t be difficult. I don’t just create pretty things, I take you through a process where we both provide input and create something together.

2. Knowing what to expect

After we have our initial discussion, I will work on a custom proposal for your project.

You can expect this proposal to include items such as:

  • An overview of the project
  • A breakdown of deliverables from my end and your end to ensure the project timeline goes as planned
  • Transparent and clear pricing (including when additional charges may occur)
  • Amount of revisions
  • Contract terms
  • And more…

We can revise as needed before signing. Projects should have clear expectations and goals so that both of us have a clear understanding of the scope of work.

3. The work begins

I have several tools that I use to streamline the design process with my clients such as Pinterest boards for idea gathering and Trello for project management. These are meant to be fun and easy ways to connect throughout the process.

You may have some homework as well, such as sending copy, photos, logo assets. Staying on our timeline will be crucial to meeting the deadline. But I walk you through every step of the way!

During the project, you can expect communication from me on the status of your project, prompt replies, and a fun process!

4. Completion and deliverables

We work together at every step of the way through proofs and revisions, but once the project is complete, we give it a final review together to make sure you are satisfied with the end result.

Deliverables are the actual items we agreed upon to turn over to you upon completion of the project. For example, there is often more to logos than people realize. I send multiple file types with an explanation of their purpose. Depending on the project and our contract, I may send you a brand style guide, social media supporting graphics, individual assets, or just final .pdf files.

5. Celebration and support

Let’s celebrate by showing off the awesome project you have by posting it on social media!

It is important to me to support you through the final phase of your project, whether that means an ad you are implementing, t-shirts being screen printed, or logos you are uploading to social media. Our contract outlines the extended support I offer. Plus, I’m always happy to help with any obstacles you encounter.

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